True Emotional Taste of Tintilia del Molise. Autochthonous grape of Molise


Tintilia vine is the most important indigenous vine of Molise. It is possible to state that probably Tintilia vine arrived in Molise during the Spanish domination, in the second half of the XVII century and it derived its name from the Spanish name “tinto” (in Spanish “tinto” means red) because the wine give colour to other existing wines. In the past Tintilia vine spreads towards the whole territory, then during the first half of the XIX century Tintilia vineyards have been abandoned because of the low productivity. Tintilia in fact is a vine with a medium vigour and low productivity, medium-small sized grapes, an aromatic flavour and latest harvest. Its wine is rich in phenols, deep ruby red with violet hints and well tanned; it is deemed a very elegant wine with fruity and spicy hints. In the past there were many doubts about genetic and morphologic characteristics of Tintilia vine. In fact it was deemed a vine similar to Bovale Grande and Bovale Sardo, but according to recent DNA studies of the University of Molise nowadays it is possible to state that Tintilia vine is totally different from those vines and in particular, beginning from the Spanish domination in the last centuries it adjusted itself in the new environments thanks to its great spirit of adaptability.


Cantine Salvatore is nowadays one of the best and greater producer of Tintilia grapes and Tintilia wine in Molise.
The great attention for Tintilia vine starts in the 1998 when Pasquale Salvatore decided to rediscover and increase the value of Tintilia vineyards in a project to re-establish the quintessential Molise grape, Tintilia.
The morphology of the territory, the climate and the composition of the soil distinguish Cantine Salvatore’s estate and are particularly suited for the production of Tintilia wine. From 1998 Pasquale takes care of all aspects from the management of the vineyards, looking after the grapes from pruning to harvest, to producing the wine with the most modern technology and the most advanced equipment in the cellar. Nowadays the latest consumer trends show a great interest for Tintilia wine that represents one of the unknown excellences present in Molise region ready to be exported in the most exigent markets.