The authentic taste of MOLISE

In our wines there is the history, the warmth, the passion and the emotion of a trip to Molise. We try to communicate the taste of this discovery.”

Molise Wine Excellence

Day after day, with hard commitment, we produce grapes and wines that represent the potential of our territory and our pride. And when the passion prevails over the trade, man’s work becomes a fine art…


Tintilia, Falanghina, Montepulciano, Aglianico: true discovery experience


Award “4 Viti” - AIS Vitae

L'Indovino Rosso IGT Terre degli Osci 2015 (Montepulciano) The highest Award for L'Indovino Rosso from Associazione Italiana Sommelier ! Award ceremony: Saturday 20 October 2018 at “The Mall - Diamond Tower”...

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Award “5 Grappoli” - Bibenda 2019

Rutilia Tintilia del Molise Rosso DOC 2015 The highest Award for our Tintilia from the Fondazione Italiana Sommelier! Award ceremony: Saturday 24 November 2018 at “Salone dei Cavalieri” - Rome...

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Prowein-Vinitaly-CIBUS 2018

Noi ci saremo, visitateci presso il nostro stand: • Prowein 2018 (Düsseldorf, 18-20 Marzo 2018): Padiglione 16 - Stand F77 • Vinitaly 2018 (Verona, 15-18 Aprile 2018): Padiglione 11 - Stand F5-H5 •...

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Prowein 2017 + Vinitaly 2017

Noi ci saremo, visitateci presso il nostro stand:· Prowein 2017 (Düsseldorf, 19-21 Marzo 2017): Padiglione 16 - Stand F77· Vinitaly 2017 (Verona, 9-12 Aprile 2017): Padiglione 11 - Stand F5-G5 Potrete...

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